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Just posted at First Things, a review/essay of the recent spate of Theocracy’s-Around-the-Bend books by Ross Douthat.

It’s excellent – he does us all a great favor by explaining just how all of these writers connect-the-theocratic-christianist-dots, in case you were wondering. He then pulls it all together:

In addition to casting religious conservatives as mullahs, proto-fascists, and agents of American decline, this strict-separationist interpretation of world history frees the anti-theocrats from the messy business of actually arguing with their opponents. From sex education and government support for religious charities to stem cells and abortion, it’s enough to call something “faith-based” and dismiss it. Indeed, reading through the anti-theocrat literature, one gets the sense that the surest way to judge if a political idea is wrong, dangerous, or antidemocratic is to tally up the number of religious people who support it.

Now…wait for it…

Except that nobody really believes this line.

Exactly. To read why he says this read the rest.

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