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No, no, don’t think you’ve got to change your bookmarks. I’m sticking with the blog, but I think I’ll stop posting photos on the Typepad photo albums. – Flickr is easier to use, plus you can do cool stuff with associated utilities, like make albums and posters. I put together an album of our Rome photos and total cost was not much more than the cost of individual prints plus purchasing an album – besides, all of the captions are already built in!

I have a few trip photos posted, but not too many. I gave my camera to Katie, who was going to Peru (no, that’s not a typo, and no, it’s not Peru, Indiana either. It’s the Peru of which the capitol is Lima, and she gets back tomorrow, along with David. And for all the fussing about the impact of technology on modern life, impact this: My daughter can go to a computer in her hotel, log on to an IM program, see me online, and IM me about her trip and how she’s doing, no long distance charges involved. I’ll take it.)

So, the photos I have up there were taken with my dad’s camera in Knoxville, and we’ll have to wait for Michael to post his photos for the rest.

By the way, for more on sites that help you produce printed photo albums, check out this recent Slate article – but also look at the comments on the article in The Fray, which mention various sites that the article neglects.

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