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Back in Knoxville for the night, before heading off early tomorrow morning for the Fort, which I have not seen in two weeks. Everyone else is asleep – I’m up waiting for Christopher, who is, on his part, returning from a wedding he attended up in Ohio (in a brief phone conversation he reported that the "highlight" of the wedding was the skipping, scratching ukulele/vocal recording of "Over the Rainbow" played during the lighting of the Unity Candle. Not a Catholic wedding, btw). Our paths will cross here for but a few hours before we head up north, stopping somewhere along I-75 for Mass tomorrow,  and he finally and totally moves himself south to Atlanta on Monday for what I have every confidence will be the beginnings of a great career in video editing and production.

We said a regretful farewell to "our" beach house this morning, after one last hour on the sands – necessary because Friday was a total wash – a drizzly, rainy day on Anastasia, but no real regrets – it was the only rainy day of our week there. There are various tales to tell, but they will have to wait until I’m back in Hoosier land…

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