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I’m working on a project at the moment, one that I need to finish in the next couple of weeks or so. (3 down…9 to go!) That’s why I’m being such a bad blogger. But that’s not the only thing […]

An entire blog dedicated to them: Only one so far – and the recipient might surprise you. (But perhaps not!)

Today’s the day for the ordination-on-the-river, and props to the Diocese of Pittsburgh for not ignoring it, for offering a thorough, grounded Q & A on the matter Isn’t denial of the sacraments and excommunication extreme? The church doesn’t excommunicate […]

Thanks to Clare in the comments for pointing out this story: I think the situation is that a parish that was, in the words of one, "free-wheeling" and dominated by a sympathy with the cause of the Aboriginal peoples was […]

A few articles from over the weekend: Charlotte Hays on NOW’s 40th anniversary celebration: For me, the most memorable session was the one entitled "Feminist Media Reform." Although two NOW employees spoke, along with Kathy Bonk, a well-known feminist media […]

Sitting up The head of Chicago’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese was improving at Loyola University Medical Center, according to his spokeswoman, Colleen Dolan. George sat up for two hours in a chair Sunday. "He’s getting a little tired doing it, but […]

Muted Meanwhile, the Holocaust project, to be adapted from a little-known 1998 memoir called "Flory: Survival in the Valley of Death," which recounts the experiences of a young Dutch Jew during World War II, is in the early stages. An […]

The Angelus at Castel Gondolfo: Greeted in a festive atmosphere by thousands of people who packed into the internal courtyard of the apostolic palace, the pope himself replied to the cries of the crowd by saying that the welcome he […]

The Boston Globe looks at abortion rights activists getting religion. The religious abortion-rights movement, like the antiabortion movement, grounds its understanding of abortion in the Bible. Abortion-rights religious groups point to what they see as a telling silence in Scripture. […]

We’ll keep this post flowing with links to stories about the events on a boat in Pittsburgh today, beginning with this WaPo story by Michelle Boorstein. The theological problems are not really dealt with in the story – why the […]