The American Papist has a good summary post of the most recent events, specifically related to the Wuerl installation Mass last week.

He links to a blog post by Julia Duin, religion writer at the Washington Times, who interprets the Kerry/Kennedy presence as a direct challenge:

On the very day of Archbishop Wuerl’s installation, two of Massachusetts’ most pro-choice Catholics — Kerry and the state’s senior U.S. senator, Ted Kennedy — showed up and sat in the VIP section. Archbishop Wuerl shook their hands as he moved toward the altar. I didn’t see whether Kennedy took Communion, but I know Kerry did because I talked with him immediately afterward. He was there, he said, as a longtime friend of the archbishop’s.

Isn’t it odd that two of the Senate’s most liberal Catholics made time in their schedules to be at the installation Mass while their conservative Republican colleague from Pennsylvania, Sen. Rick Santorum, did not?

Santorum, I heard, had to stay close to his office for a vote. All the same, here were two Democratic senators giving the new archbishop notice that they intend to ignore any move to disenfranchise them from the Eucharist. No one could miss the message.
Welcome to Washington, Archbishop.

Tom of Disputations seems to have started an Archbishop Wuerl blog – at least for the purpose of putting up a transcription of  his homily at the installation Mass. Good work, Tom!

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