Several review articles for you today. From William Doino:

In light of the discussion over the Holy Father’s  visit to Auschwitz, I thought you and/or your readers might be interested in my 2003 interview with the esteemed British historian Sir Martin Gilbert–which garnered international attention after it appeared–and which is summarized in the attached news story, via this link–Gilbert is not only the official biographer of Winston Churchill; he is a renowned Holocaust scholar, and author of several classic works, including The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War and Auschwitz and the Allies. If anyone knows about Auschwitz and the Holocaust-and who helped Jews, and who did not–it is Gilbert, and therefore his testimony on behalf of Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church is particular impressive, coming as it does from the perspective of an illustrious Jewish historian – the interview is here.

Doino’s own review of Rabbi David Dalin’s Myth of Hitler’s Pope, in the current Weekly Standard.

Michael Burleigh reviews two books – by Rabbi David Dalin and Professor Ron Rychlak–The Myth of Hitler’s Pope and Righteous Gentiles, respectively

A review of The Pius War, by Karol Gajewski, a British teacher, whose father fought with the Polish army against the Nazi invaders

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