At Mercatornet, an article by Daniel Mansueto on the war against girls in Asia:

India has a similar problem. One study that includes a survey of the literature notes that Indian demographers have found a “stark shift towards excessively masculine sex ratios at birth between 1981 and 1991 from near normal” to as high as 124 boys per 100 girls in urban areas3. Why is this happening? The study reports that in India “[l]ocal studies and surveys show that the use of new techniques to detect the sex of the foetus followed by the termination of a female pregnancy has become common among educated and less educated, rich and poor and in rural and urban areas.” This same study reports that “[d]emographic studies in China, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam since the mid-1980s have uniformly shown an increasing rise in the proportion of male births and confirmed that access to sex identification and abortion facilities is widespread and permits new forms of intervention before birth.”

One should not imagine that these millions of unborn Asian girls are being aborted in the first trimester of pregnancy. Nearly all the abortions that are done to “weed out” girls in Asia are gruesome late term abortions of viable or nearly viable babies. We know this because generally a sonogram exam cannot determine the sex of an unborn child before the 16th week of pregnancy and in some cases cannot do so until the 20th week or later.
And, since killing girls (and boys) before they’re born is such an important human right, Amnesty International is considering adding it to the cause. A British bishop reacts:
Roman Catholic Bishop Michael Evans, a 30-year member of Amnesty International (AI) and author of last year’s Amnesty Prayer, has condemned the organization’s move to promote abortion as a fundamental human right, saying he will be forced to withdraw his membership if the agency continues with the proposal.

In a statement published on Bishop Evans’ website, he stated, “[I]t would be very difficult for Catholics and many others to continue as formal members of an organisation which explicitly excluded some of the most vulnerable of all—the ‘unborn human’—from its current campaign to ‘Protect the Human.’”

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