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There are many great Catholic resources on the Internets, and one of the best is the Catholic Educator’s Resource Center. Note: It’s not just for educators! (Unless you’re of the mind that all of us are, at some level, educators). Sure, it’s got resources that are specifically helpful to catechists of all ages, but what makes the site quite useful for all of us is the massive collection of articles J. Fraser Field collects and categorizes. It’s always very current, and it’s always the best. So, the latest updates include:

    • Does Prayer Work? Mark Earley

      The headlines seemed almost triumphal in tone. “Prayer Doesn’t Aid Recovery, Study Finds.” That was the Washington Post. “Long-Awaited Medical Study Questions the Power of Prayer.” That was the New York Times. Email This Article

    • The plight of Iraq Christians Lawrence F. Kaplan

      Fadi has had it with Iraq. At his family’s home in Baghdad, the Christian university student (whose last name has been withheld to protect his family) elaborates in fluent English. “There is no future for Christians here,” he says. Email This Article

Character-Centered Families and Schools Tom Lickona

The goal of Catholic character education is to form children in the character of Christ, says developmental psychologist, Tom Lickona. Email This Article

Tastes Like Home Lucette Lagnado

A Passover delicacy reminds me of my own exodus from Egypt. Email This Article

The CERC is in need of financial help – aside from the usual expenses of running such an extensive site, they were hit with an unexpected tax bill recently, and have not quite recovered. So go check out the whole site, and see if you can help them.

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