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…before we left I did this thing wherein I disable comments on all posts. Sometimes it tells you you’re blocked, other times it tells you you’re spam. I forgot to mention it…sorry! I do this because I was going to …Read More

Monday morning, the bookstore will be a bit new and improved. No, the actual page won’t look any more professional – God forbid – but I’ll have the MM book for sale, plus the DVC Mysteries Q & A. I …Read More

Lovely, lovely carvings from the Montalvo family – Their story: "Every piece is an opportunity to express our profound relationship with the Catholic faith." Brothers Simeón, Javier and Germán Ramírez Montalvo graduated from the San Juan Bosco School of Arts …Read More

You may know that there’s a little controversy about the most recent episode of ABC’s Commander in Chief. Here’s the WaPo story: In the episode that aired Thursday night, called "Ties That Bind," Davis’s character, Mackenzie Allen, watches a segment …Read More

Wesley Smith has several important posts. The situation seems to be shifting from day to day, if not hour to hour. The transfer to the Illinois facility is off.

Dom takes a look at an article – in the Chicago Tribune, but actually produced by Religion News Service – about blogging and churches. The Catholic part is…amazing. Why? ‘Cause it doesn’t mention blogs. Not really. As in the part …Read More

Christopher Blosser has a nice round-up of links (as usual!) on the issue at the Fan Club. The relationship between church and state and their proper jurisdictions have figured heavily in the remarks of Pope Benedict in the first year …Read More

Would you like to learn how to teach chant in your own parish? The Church Music Society of America is sponsoring a workshop. Here are the details: Gregorian Chant has been called the most beautiful music this side of Heaven. …Read More

Blue Collar Preacher is the website of Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer of Ohio, who has a particular emphasis, you can probably tell, on preaching in a way that connects with people’s lives, especially their work lives. He has a blog on …Read More

There are many great Catholic resources on the Internets, and one of the best is the Catholic Educator’s Resource Center. Note: It’s not just for educators! (Unless you’re of the mind that all of us are, at some level, educators). …Read More