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A report: One can see this in all sorts of small ways, even in a city like Paris—the ville natale of secular Enlightenment and a cultural epicenter for so many of its progeny. Last fall, I lived in Paris after […]

Every month, the Holy Father has prayer intentions. April’s prayer intention? The Vatican has announced that during the month of April, Pope Benedict XVI will focus his prayer specifically on the plight of the much-persecuted Church in China. The text […]

Do go check out this excellent blog-style resource and links page on DVC. Bookmark, it too!

Pete Vere’s got a piece on Catholic Exchange: Dreher chronicles how many families are living out their crunchy con convictions. From homeschooling to organic and family farming, from turning off the television to turning on the oven and enjoying a […]

Dom’s got a hint. In short, the schismatic Rochester Spiritus Christi community is noting the beginnings of an offshoot in Ontario, and claims, in a bulletin notice that some "Boston priests" are continuing with their plans…. Read more.

Emily from the After Abortion blog is down on the Gulf Coast, doing some Katrina recovery volunteer work. Go read her description of life down that way these days.

Up to this point, the UK Tablet has been okay with Benedict. Today, in the most recent issue, they reprint an excerpt from a forthcoming bio of JPII. The tone for the meeting was set by the publication of a […]

…for the Lenten retreat preached to the Curia: Together with the ecclesiastical and ecclesial nature of these exercises, you have also shown us their Christological dimension. You have made us attentive to the inner Teacher; you have helped us to […]

John Allen He muses on the past year, and really says something important here, and says it almost perfectly: Benedict is a supple thinker, and unpacking his approach on any given question requires nuance. Because his points of departure are […]

Several reports: The Washington Times: Sex-abuse accusations against the nation’s priests were down last year, but the flood of millions of dollars in payouts more than tripled and shows no signs of stopping, the United States’ Roman Catholic bishops said […]