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From an internet cafe on the Borgo Pio ‘ these Italian keyboards are a bit different, and I am on a timer, so I’m not going to do any corrections…. We are here! I didn’t sleep a wink on the […]

The Pope’s message An Examination of Conscience from Archbishop Bruno Forte

Well, in a little while we’re off….hard to believe! I’m going to try my best to blog as we go – so do pop in here once a day to see if I actually did it. I’ve closed off comments […]

Man built a mini-church in his basement: While for years a church as operated as a second or perhaps even primary home for infinite worshippers, the most prominent church in Denise Deschamps’s life at the moment is actually in need […]

…to Cardinal-elect Zen: China yesterday warned Bishop Joseph Zen of Hong Kong, a leading critic of Beijing who was elevated to cardinal this week, not to mix religion with politics.     "We advocate that religious figures should not interfere […]

Connecticut lawmakers at work: Some state lawmakers are on a collision course with Connecticut Roman Catholics over the so-called "morning after pill." The legislature’s Public Health Committee is drafting a bill that would require all Connecticut hospitals, including the four […]

Let’s pray not. Let’s pray that someone figures out what the cause in the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe is tied to: Halimi was kidnapped and held for three weeks while his captors, led by a Muslim immigrant from Ivory […]

No, it’s someone else. The group includes 31 mostly young priests and seminarians from the faculty of theology and other faculties of the University of Athens. Most importantly, the visit is led by Bishop Agathangelos, director general of the “Apostoliki […]

Check out Catholic Blogs – -Search over 13,000 articles from 700 Catholic blogs(about 550 new articles are added per day) -Subscribe to an RSS feed for any search. -The "Mobile Edition" is optimized for your cellphone or PDA. -Soon, a […]

Hem new clothes I bought because I’m so short and the store didn’t have a petite section…grrr. How is it I always end up on the night before trips doing stuff like this? Not checked yet. Print out all the […]