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From the Pope, too: The Roamin’ Roman has a report from Vespers Giving thanks: Before singing the Te Deum, Benedict XVI saw fit to “to recall in a special way all those who are in difficulties: the poorest and neglected […]

From a long-time reader: Stopped in at the local "religious articles" shop this afternoon. You know the type: rosaries, crosses, holy cards, big "family" Bibles, all kinds of statues, plastic and otherwise, a few books …. As soon as I […]

Magister on the difficulties of Bethlehem But the reactions drew upon other fears as well. Hanna Nasser, the previous mayor of Bethlehem, a Christian of the current that is close to Fatah, accused the new administration of “spreading Islamic fundamentalism.” […]

We’re back. An amazingly easy return trip because both boys slept most of the way. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, everything comes with a price and what goes around comes around – all of which […]

Last night, we dined at a place called Heaven on Seven, a Cajun sort of place, which had the advantage of being across the road from our hotel. Good enough stuff, but bring your reading glasses for sure to figure […]

From a reader: XXXX saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose and are worried about waking up at 3 AM frequently since seeing the movie – that’s the time when the devil begins tormenting Emily. I didn’t see the movie and […]

Onto my request, trying to find books for my 5 yearold boy to grow and reinforce his faith.  We read froma children’s Bible (the 365 days of readings one,starting 2nd year repeats), but have been throughamazon, googling your site etc. […]

New Cardinals? New Secretary of State?

An exchange between Garrison Keillor and an irate Catholic listener (should be at the top of the page)

In The Tablet, Robert Mickens looks at the B16 papacy so far, and into 2006: But now as the world gets set to ring in 2006, many people are wondering if the new calendar year will be the point at […]