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Into the baths of Lourdes. Reprinted from The Tablet in Godspy: Out comes a Down’s syndrome boy, face creased with smiles. He gives us all a thumbs-up. Nothing to worry about, fellahs, he seems to say. The Catholic Church is […]

Julie D at Happy Catholic has a nice review of How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist

Cause this one’s going to make you spit out your coffee: Richard Cohen sez: Support Choice, Not Roe Abortion is a different matter. It entails so much more than mere birth control — issues that have roiled the country ever […]

At TNR, Leon Weiseltier on celebrities and their causes …I have been watching the emergence of Angelina Jolie as a historical figure with a deepening grumpiness. Not since the 1960s have so many entertainers believed that they can rescue the […]

Archbishop Chaput on the Death Penalty Catholic teaching on the death penalty is best understood by viewing it through two lenses: what it is; and what it is not.The Church’s critique of capital punishment is not an evasion of justice. […]

It’s on its way, and I’m reminded today that not every single person who reads this blog is aware that I’ve written two books of saints for children. You can find complete tables of contents here, but I am begging […]

A most fascinating photo: Caption here. Wednesday General Audience: Speaking to about 40,000 people, as yet another large crowd gathered in St. Peter’s square for the Wednesday audience, the Holy Father offered a meditation on Psalm 129, noting that it […]

An interview What about the situation of divorced and remarried Catholics? Again, the synod looks set to largely reaffirm existing discipline? In my experience, the synod fathers are far more conflicted on this question than on the viri probati. Many […]

I’ve never been to Auriesville – Michael has, but a few years ago, we did go to Midland, Ontario, site of the Martyr’s Shrine. Here are some photos, including one of little Joseph in front of the de Brebeuf reliquary. […]

Would someone call a couple with a lot of kids "selfish." Read the whole thing. I’ve seen a TV special on this family. Not my deal on any level, but they are, as opposed to the implication of the writer […]