From NRO, Robert George on an important pro-life philosopher:

Earlier this month, the discipline of philosophy lost one of its finest teachers and the pro-life movement lost one of its most brilliant intellectuals. John M. Dolan, professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota, died on September 14 after a courageous ten-year battle with prostate cancer. He was 68 years old.

Together with the late Cambridge University philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe and the eminent physician and scientist Dr. Hymie Gordon of the Mayo Clinic, Dolan co-founded the Program in Human Rights and Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at the University of Minnesota. For Dolan (a lapsed Catholic, at the time), Gordon (an orthodox Jew), and Anscombe (a convert to Catholicism) "human rights" meant the rights of every human being — including the unborn. Together, the three scholars provided a powerful witness for the sanctity of human life and the Hippocratic tradition of medicine.

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