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Rich Leonardi has a good piece on CE today about Catholic Updates

I was particularly miffed by the July/August Update that Rich mentions – I saw it in our parish and simply could not believe it, although I could very easily believe it, if you get my drift. It’s the same kind of skewing/misinterpretation of the "four presences" of Christ during Mass that we’ve been reading and been taught for thirty years. It’s just that….with the growing richness of theological reflection being done in contemporary Catholicism (at last), and how all of that is finally bubbling to the surface, we could get beyond the tired template of the Summer Liturgy Institute crowd. And if you’ve been involved in parish or diocesan ministry, you’ll know what I mean.

He also cites an Update on the resurrection, in which the author takes the time to re-hash the "is -this a matter of empirically-verifiable history or is it in the realm of faith" business, which has been another consistent template for discussion for thirty years. What I just stop can’t wondering is …why make this the focus of your discussion of the resurrection? Aren’t there other aspects of the core of our Christian faith that are more interesting, more vital more….life-giving?

Well, sure, but they aren’t as nuanced. And nuance = jobs.


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