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Cuts to Medicaid define feeding tubes and respirators as "optional." Patients who are losing feeding tubes and other equipment have been told they can file appeals. But the results to date are less than encouraging. As of last Wednesday, 1,048 […]

…and an open thread for any Katrina-related topic except natural theology. 1) Earlier today, Jonah Goldberg, whom I admire, posted this at The Corner: JOKE NO LONGER [Jonah Goldberg ] Posted at 11:25 AM Everyone knows the 50 different versions […]

…in a phone interview with a reporter wandering the Gulf coast: Everyone’s lost everything, and no one knows what to do next.

It’s clear now that this is what is going to be required, on a massive scale. It will be a story to follow and a cause to support any way we can – half a million people displaced for months. […]

Mark’s got his book finished on one Mary, and I’ve got to hunker down and spend the next month finishing my book on another – a book on Mary Magdalene to be published by OSV next spring (gee…I wonder about […]

Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix recently responded, via an op-ed piece, to critics of his policies on politicians, Catholic teaching, and Catholic institutions: To do this by actions as well as by words underlines the seriousness of these teachings and the […]

Papabile remarks on a Whapping post on cassocks at ND, and offers some historical info, of which I was not at all aware…about what the Second and Thirdt Plenary Councils of Baltimore decreed in re/the garb.

Magister profiles a new summary of a massive history of V2: This Socratic role of the Bologna “workshop” seems to be even more accentuated in the “Brief History.” And this role concerns both the unfolding of the Council and its […]

RP sends this along, about the evangelical Christian presence on the Boston Red Sox They gathered in a makeshift house of God — a brick-walled retreat in Fenway Park otherwise reserved for postgame interviews — and prayed for dead and […]

Panic and tragedy..