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Well, just a little. But it was just the first title that popped into my head.

Got here around 3:30, with only mishap, and that would be the mishap marked by the strange look on the baby’s face, followed by the discovery that the car seat cover would need to be washed upon arrival in Knoxville, followed by the total lack of parking spaces at the rest stop, followed by us parked on the rest stop road, with me tossing tissue after tissue onto a newspaper I’d spread out on the grass (out of wipes, drat!), waving the puzzled naked baby in the air, trying to avoid getting anything interesting on any part of me.


Very nice to see evryone. I’ve been looking at Rome pics (of course!), Rome tour books, talking a bit more about Rome, and thinking about my next big trip to, like, Decatur, or something. Yay!

And now, after blogging, my usual Knoxville activities, as I try to sleep/wait for the baby to awake: reading Texas Monthly, Weekly Standard and New Yorker back issues and telling Katie to stop changing the channels and just find one show to watch.

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