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The baby has been asleep since about 9. It’s midnight. That’s 3 hours…in a row. In his own bed.

(I know, 7 months old..this is ridiculous. It is.)

A moment for rejoicing, yes?

A moment, at the very least..for sleep.

But I can’t. Because all I can do is sit here and wait, on edge, for the moment he wakes up. I can’t go to sleep until he wakes up.

Some call it irony.Some call it kind of nuts. I call it…keeping vigil.

Yeah. That’s it. Keeping Vigil.

Someone find me a chant to mark the occasion, why don’t you?

Update: He slept until 3:30, then was up briefly, and back until about 7. We just might be on our way…(except, we’re traveling next week, which will undoubtedly mess everything up!)

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