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Another article on the growing Hispanic immigrant presence in supposedly surprising places, this this time in the NE US Meanwhile, in New York’s Finger Lakes region, "there are tensions between Mexican immigrants and the Puerto Ricans," said Alejandra Molina, a […]

Ohio law  "enforcement" helped cover up abuse In a review of thousands of court and diocese documents and interviews with dozens of police officers, judges, prosecutors, victims, and advocates, the investigation found: In five cases, police officers refused to arrest […]

why do you think the mouth is a baby’s primary sensory organ? I spend a lot of time thinking about that, which makes sense considering I spend a lot of time scouring the floor for small object and dried-out, rock […]

Time for my own. Last week, I read God’s Agents (still linked over there on the right, as well), which is an excellent account of the Jesuits in England through the reign of Elizabeth up to the Gunpowder Plot. So […]

The Lady in the Pew would like to invite you to a contest… The Anchoress has a poll she would like you to take

In fact, no mention of the Gospel in the homily we heard. At all! We went to the traditionally German parish, a little gem of Gothic, complete with German-language stations and so on. The church was fuller than normal, and […]

What a terrible mess… When Stephen F. Melinger visited the newborn twins he was adopting at Methodist Hospital in April, health care workers became alarmed. On one occasion, the New Jersey man showed up with a live bird in his […]

The Globe on Archbishop O’Malley Two years into his tenure as archbishop of Boston, O’Malley’s public profile has largely been defined by a few key actions: his settlement of sex abuse cases, his sale of the archbishop’s mansion and move […]

French women are having babies… The result is that more than in any other European country, French families now have three or more children. Germany and Switzerland also give generous family benefits, and in Sweden 77 percent of the children […]

On the last Sunday of July, a traditional climb (barefoot) to the summit of Croagh Patrick, where St. Patrick iis said to have fasted for 40 days in 441. More on the pilgrimage