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And not a mixed-gender couple in sight. Or whatever.

Canadian bill passes one house

Spain’s parliament gives final approval.

Aside from the usual discussions that come with this territory, what I’m particularly interested in is the possibility of civil disobedience. Most of the civil servants in Spain are Roman Catholic. There are, of course, a few Catholics in Canada as well.  And in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Has the Church..aka local these countries addressed the question of the participation of Catholic government employees in these unions? Where does this fall on the spectrum of conscience-bending activities that Catholics might "have to" participate in in order to keep their jobs or even just be a part of a civil society? (paying taxes that go to support causes that violate our conscience…dispensing contraceptives…etc)  How far will it go before people who are opposed to various government-supported and funded activities will have to check out? When will Caesar be asking too much? Or can he ever?

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