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Worth a bookmark, and a spot on your donation list: Aid to the Church in Need: "Aid to the Church in Need" is an international pastoral aid organization of the Catholic Church, which yearly offers financial support to more than …Read More

That’s the title of The Revealer’s Jeff Sharlet’s article over at Rolling Stone, in which Jeff infiltrates the world of young, hip evangelical Christians who’ve committed to chastity Southern Baptist official Albert Mohler reacts, as does our CTWeblogging friend Ted …Read More

John Allen got it done before the long weekend, this time Conversations with a couple of archbishops, in town for their pallia, of course, an interesting note about the Mass yesterday: After expressing greetings to Patriarch Bartholomew I in his …Read More

Catholic Relief Services has a page on their ongoing and long-term efforts to rebuild those areas impacted by last December’s tsunami Via Professor Bainbridge

And not a mixed-gender couple in sight. Or whatever. Canadian bill passes one house Spain’s parliament gives final approval. Aside from the usual discussions that come with this territory, what I’m particularly interested in is the possibility of civil disobedience. …Read More

TMatt wonders, based on a Fred Barnes piece. I sort of don’t think so…a lot of people assume Bono’s Catholic. Irish = Catholic, Ian Paisley notwithstanding.

Fr. John Jenkins replaces Fr. Malloy He was actually elected over a year ago A profile from the ND magazine Jenkins joined the philosophy faculty in South Bend in 1990 and over the years has taught such courses as Faith …Read More

FYI…Jason Torres will be on Larry King Live tonight Here’s the transcript. Jason’s brother Justin was on as well.

Another article on the RE flap Attendance at a total of three Saturday night masses and six Sunday masses at St. Charles averages about 3,500 per week, out of an approximate parish enrollment of 10,000 people. "Everyone is struggling to …Read More

Yes, I spoke last night at a chapter meeting/dinner of Legatus – the Ann Arbor chapter. Very nice event, good people. About a week ago, I spoke with a Legatus person, who said, "And you’ll be speaking on "Prove It" …Read More