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A DMN piece looks at a Latin Mass community, Opus Dei and the Neo-Catechumenal Way in the Dallas area. I think I was most surprised by the strength of the last group. Nuestra Señora Del Pilar started as a parish […]

That’s where John Allen is reporting from, and he has some fascinating stuff, including skullduggery swirling around Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of Lima and explanations for the growth in evangelical Protestantism in the country Peruvian journalist Federico Prieto Celi gave […]

Today is The Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Talk about your favorite Carmelites here, if you like, and what Carmel is all about.

Here in The Fort on Sunday, and perhaps, on a slightly different note, a quick trip to NYC next week. I’ve got a phone agreement, but I won’t believe anything until they tell me my flight number. So stay tuned…

A Washington Post article on Kerry and religion John F. Kerry, a lifelong Roman Catholic, carries in his briefcase an unmarked manila folder stuffed full of religion articles, scriptures, personal reflections — and a sermon the Democrat has been fine-tuning […]

Priest removed Father Jean-Michael Lastiri, or Father Mike as he is known, has been removed indefinitely from the Merced parish he worked so hard to build — leaving parishioners there hurt and upset that their spiritual leader and friend is […]

The British view Even if nothing so apocalyptic comes about, Portland archdiocese is going to have to get used to operating with non-Catholic supervision. That has been, in fact, one of the recurrent themes of the American Church’s crisis. Bishops […]

Mark Shea on what to watch out for (scroll down a bit) There are two sides to every great sin. There is the sin itself and also the effect the sin has on us. As a layman, there’s precious little […]

Archdiocese tells pastor at heart of lawsuit to resign The Archdiocese of New York ordered a prominent monsignor to resign as pastor of an Upper East Side parish in Manhattan after it discovered evidence that he may have misappropriated hundreds […]

A good column from the Denver Post After pressure from pro-choice activists, who vehemently disagree with the assertion that life begins at conception, Stephanie Cutter, a Kerry spokeswoman, reiterated her candidate’s convictions. Kerry, she says, has “always said he doesn’t […]