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Yup, that’s it. In Atlanta, no time, really to blog, except for this… It’s a Flannery O’Connor short story waiting to happen, on a huge scale…when you’ve got the National Federation for the Blind meeting at the same time in […]

People are writing me wondering about the blank space…I figure it’s because I have the blog set to display the last two days’ of entries, and since I’ve not blogged since last week…it’s blank. Let’s post and see if that […]

Reflections from Spain…and other places Speaking of the strength of Spanish Catholicism, I saw three of the country’s best known Marian shrines last week: Montserrat, Torreciudad, and the Virgin of Pilar in Saragossa. One is struck by the crowds they […]

As you know, the investigation cleared him as far as the personal issues go. Local reactions.

Deep subject: Chicago Tribune looks at our attachment to our spot in church Up until the mid-1900s, it was common for regular members of a congregation to pay the church to sit in a specific seat or pew, a practice […]

An interview/discussion with George Weigel But this lacuna aside, Weigel’s political vision, drawn from Catholic social teaching as updated by the Pope, is attractive: the State defers to the moral values embedded in a free society in which the Churches […]

From CT: What to do with frozen embryos? Jim and Susanne are not alone. More than 400,000 frozen embryos are stored in clinics across the United States. No one knows how long frozen embryos retain their viability, but children have […]

A week or so of travels. We leave on Saturday, headed to Knoxville, where we will see my dad and my oldest son. Sunday evening, we’ll go on down to Atlanta to the Christian Booksellers’ Association trade show, which is […]

Vatican protests arrests Navarro-Valls listed three recent cases. He said that since May 27 there has been no news on the bishop of Xuanhua, who was taken into police custody. Another bishop in Xiwanzi was held from June 2-12 while […]

Salesian priest at the center of one of the DMN’s stories will be deported from Samoa.