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Go take the Catholic Movie Poll, sponsored by NCR(egister).

With Christianity Today, Deal Hudson, Fr. Neuhaus, Russ Shaw and some others. Do you have a particular message for Pope John Paul II, whom you will be meeting with shortly? No. I’m there to listen. I will respond. If I […]

Questioning the tax-exempt status A watchdog group asked the IRS on Thursday to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Roman Catholic diocese in Colorado Springs over the bishop’s threat to withhold communion from those who disagree with the church. Barry […]

in the Baltimore Sun Keeler said in an interview this week that it was not the business of bishops to choose who receives Communion. Instead, he said he supports church policy that individual Catholics should determine whether they are in […]

This time, in the NYTimes, on the topic du jour In the months to come, Democrats are likely to advance a number of reasons that they can support abortion rights and be good Catholics. In 1984, Mario Cuomo, then governor […]

Who knows. A couple of positive cultural reflections on Catholic figures… The film Stateside, here reviewed by James Bowman and the book, Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul by satirist Tony Hendra, discussed in the WSJ today. Mr. […]

You can “chat” with me tonight at 7 Eastern, 6 Central, and so on, via the OSV monthly author chat. See ya! Oh, and the WRKO thing tomorrow, for those of you in the Boston area, is at 10:05 Eastern.

Frederica mathewes-Green on torture in Romanian prisons While most of the world is reeling at the ugliness perpetrated by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib, I have had the feeling I have seen it all before. Rather, I have heard it […]

From First Things, Kenneth Woodward has a great overview of the controversy over Gibson’s film.

Maybe not. From the Campaign Journal at the New Republic. I was at a conference on religion and politics sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center for the last couple of days. One of the best presentations was by […]