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We’re off. Wish me luck. We’ll be back tomorrow evening (birthday party sleepover at Mona’s), and I’ll leave the comments open, but please, please, please, no ilk-tossing. And if you don’t mind, hold the email. There’s nothing more dispiriting than […]

Some strange fight about something she said about terrorists which then some (not she) applied to abortion rights marchers… Ponnuru in NRO I don’t think an apology is due from either one of them. Hughes denies that she was comparing […]

Greg Popcak was there Considering the nature of the event, neither I nor anyone else had an opportunity to ask Santorum why, in the name of all things Holy, he agreed to be complicit in the re-election of a completely […]

As an Air Force Chaplain In the latest chapter of his turbulent career, Father Doyle was quietly removed from his job as an Air Force chaplain in a clash with his archbishop over pastoral issues. He lost his endorsement as […]

There’s a new production on Broadway. Peggy Noonan reflects on a particular moment An important moment in the plot is when a character announces she is pregnant, and considering having an abortion. In fact, she tells her mother-in-law, she’s already […]

A Catholic college commencement speaker brouhaha The surgeon, author and former ABC medical correspondent was hours away from leaving her home in California when she received a fax from University of Saint Francis President Sister M. Elise Kriss. The letter […]

IRS reminds non-profits of their proper place The Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday reminded charities to steer clear of prohibited political actions during their election-year activities. Charities, churches, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups organized as tax-exempt organizations cannot participate […]

Squeezed me in at the last minute!

Who went to a National Catholic Prayer Breakfast and who didn’t The White House spurned one of the largest gatherings of Roman Catholics in Washington this morning, out of concern that the gathering would be too Washington-centric, according to someone […]

A DMN columnist advises the Vatican I remember arguing with a good friend back in the 1970s that I couldn’t see how anyone could embrace the Bible’s emphasis on justice for the poor and not support the Voting Rights Act. […]