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Last year, I believe, there were a number of bloggers who were in the process of becoming Catholic at Easter. This year, there may be some, but I’ve not searched them out – and if you’re out there – God […]

A round-up of Passion-related confessions

Eileen McNamara says revoke the Church’s tax-exempt status. No one disputes the right of the Catholic Church, or any other religious institution, to be heard on the contentious issues of the day, but the bishops of Massachusetts want to rewrite […]

…the core of the problem with Roman Catholic spiritual life as it has evolved in the US is encapsulated in one phrase, read in your church bulletin or advertised in the diocesan paper or even blasted on a sign hanging […]

To be announced today by Cardinal Keeler If anyone hears before I do, post it in the comments! Oh, and in other Richmond news, Fr. John Leonard gets probation.

They didn’t like it “(The film’s) violence, which overwhelms the spectator, ends up blotting out the meaning of the Passion and the essence of Christ’s person and message — love carried to its perfection by the voluntary giving of one’s […]

Who knows. How does Kerry square his voting record with the moral teachings of his church? He told the Post-Dispatch that “it’s not appropriate in the United States for a legislator to legislate your personal religious belief for the rest […]

Let them both be, says an op-ed in the WSJ So, where’s the middle ground? Where do we go and how to we get there? We can’t take the decisions from the people and leave it in the hands of […]

Just sent off two packs of signed, personalized books to very nice religious ed teachers giving Prove Its as end-o-the-year gifts. Warms my heart! If you think that’s a good idea and want to share the love, email me and […]

Probably not. But it’s hard not to, if this is true: The Kerry campaign was said to be surprised at the coverage their candidate received for attending Mass while on vacation in Idaho. “You saw conservatives all up in arms […]