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Freed as you are from the ability to post comments here! Open again for business Sunday evening. Reminder: Clicking on the picture at the top left will take you to daily readings from the Liturgy of the Hours. Registration for […]

As we read through and contemplate these reports, that’s what we’re all looking for: the First Cause. There is none, except human sin. Sorry. No easy answers on this. As Joe pointed out in a post below, this is not […]

In answer to a query, no I have not yet seen it, and there are no deep reasons. We have a two-year old. We have to tag-team things like that. Michael saw it on Wednesday at the theater in the […]

Bishop’s press conference was now. (noon) Just about wrapping up. On CSpan.

I’ve created a page describing the new book. It’s here, with an excerpt from the intro and the table of contents.

Here is the link to the texts of the reports. (It appears that the reports themselves are pdf files, btw) Here’s an HTML link

The Reports, being released today. The bishops are holding a news conference as we speak (about 9:40), but none of the cable news channels are carrying it, and we don’t get EWTN anymore, so…I’m in the dark on that. If […]

Shawn McComber, who watched the New Hampshire primary hijinks for the American Spectator, goes to see the Passion As show time crept closer, some surprisingly un-Christian behavior began. A teenage couple in matching “Jesus: The Choice of a New Generation” […]

Stephen Prothero in the WSJ In one striking scene, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene sop onto linens the blood left behind after Jesus’ scourging at the hands of sadistic Roman centurions. Odd that these women care more about Jesus’ […]

An interesting perspective (even though the writer had not yet seen the film) from a Christian in the Reformed tradition, trading thoughts with another of the same theological convictions. hat tip, Julia