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December 2003 Archives

An interesting article from the NYTimes It’s been a tough year for Catholicism, so Aaron Neville’s active devotion to the church is welcome news. Nuns and priests attend his feel-good concerts, where free rope rosary bracelets are handed out by […]

Jim Wallis of Sojourners had a Sunday op-ed in the NYTimes on putting God back into politics God is always personal, but never private. The Democrats are wrong to restrict religion to the private sphere — just as the Republicans […]

Here’s some of the great deal of ink spilled or bytes broadcast about Howard Dean’s profession of faith. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, Dean went public with thoughts about God — he believes in Him. While the Lord […]

A football player’s cap proves a windfall for a Catholic bookstore in Cincinnati The NFL told the Bengals Kitna was in violation of a rule requiring all merchandise worn by players or other team personnel to be approved and licensed […]

Eve has the list. Invaluable.

David Brooks sorts it out on the NYTimes op-ed page George W. Bush was born into an Episcopal family and raised as a Presbyterian, but he is now a Methodist. Howard Dean was baptized Catholic, and raised as an Episcopalian. […]

Here’s the list of religion textbooks for parishes and schools that have been found to be in conformity with the Catechism by the Committee charged with such things. (It’s a pdf file, btw) Speaking of such matters, allow me to […]

From Books and Culture, John Wilson’s list of best books of 2003, plus the worst and What he’s looking forward to reading in 2004

Carl Olson in NRO Another candidate for the position of “The Antichrist” has met his end. It wasn’t too long ago that Saddam Hussein was considered by some Bible-prophecy students to possibly be the final “man of sin” and global […]