Well, I am tickled to present my recent talk in Second Life …

The elaborate golden robes were chosen for me … as was the body complete with 6-Pack abs! It truly is a fantasy world! 

But my son is thrilled that Papa is now a Anime character.

The talk took place at the pretty amazing Kannonji meditation hall, with 1,300 members, from all Buddhist traditions … some of whom arepirates, golden fairies, meditating dogs, flying dragons and …. theimagination is the only limit!

Click Here to visit Kannonji in Second Life

(although requires viewer software install)

The talk was called “Second Life, First Life, No Birth No Death Life” … and is in 7 parts (a talk of about a half hour, a Q&A and then a sitting). Please enjoy! 

… and the rest of the parts are here …

And … A reminder that, after a lovely year here at Beliefnet.com, our daily “Sit-a-long with Jundo” Zazen netcasts will be moving home on January 1st to SHAMBHALA SUNSPACE, the webpage of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma magazines, where we will be a daily featured Buddhist blog … sitting there just as we do here. )
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