We will be making a simple ‘Oryoki set for our Treeleaf Two-Day Online Retreat scheduled for LIVE NETCAST over this coming weekend of DECEMBER 5 and 6, 2009 (and available in recorded form after that, for participation any time ‘On Demand’).


All you need is:

1 – Clean Pillow Case

2 – Bowls and 1 Tea Cup (that fit into each other)

1 – Jar Lid or Flat Small Dish

1 – Cloth Napkin (or Paper Napkin)

1 – Table Spoon

1 – Tea Spoon

1 – Small Cut Piece of a New Sponge

1 – Long Envelope

Tomorrow we will talk about how to use all that.

But I would like to mention food for the Retreat: We are each our own Tenzo (temple cook). I would prepare in advance simple yet nutritious foods (something that can be easily heated and served, as we do not have much time for cooking during the Retreat). Food is to be looked upon as medicine, support for our Zazen. All thought of luxury or poverty, good and bad, should be placed aside. We eat small, simple dishes … in moderation. I would prepare a plain breakfast cereal, juice and perhaps tea for breakfast, and simple rice dishes, vegetable soups and steamed vegetables for lunch/dinner. Do not eat to fill oneself, and just what is healthful and necessary. Tea/Coffee and healthy snacks can be taken freely, in moderation, during break times.


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