Last time we saw how a moment of Zazen –is–Buddha sitting, makes all the world right, just the way everything should be.  

But it is not so simple as just saying that, for it must also work the other way … and one must actually get free of body and mind, dropping judgments and harmful views, and thus realizing the Buddha-Dharma. 

Furthermore, one must thereafter rise from the cushion and live, as one can, by the Wisdom gained.

All go hand in hand.  That is what makes it a (non-)self fulfiling prophesy.

Let me try to explain in today’s talk …


When one displays the buddhamudra with one's whole body and mind, sitting upright in this samadhi even fora short time ...At that time, all things together awaken to supremeenlightenment and utilize the buddha-body, immediately go beyond the culminationof awakening, and sit upright under the kingly bodhi tree. At the same time,they turn the incomparable, great dharma wheel and begin expressing ultimateand unfabricated profound prajna.

These balanced and right states of realization alsowork the other way, following paths of intimate and mystical cooperation, sothat this person who sits in Zazen steadfastly gets free of body and mind, cutsaway miscellaneous impure views and thoughts [accumulated] from the past, andthus experiences and understands the natural and pure Buddha-Dharma.

From: Talk on the Wholehearted Practice of the Way -Kosho Uchiyama (with Shohaku Okumura, Taigen Daniel Leighton) and Bendowa - A Talk about Pursuing the Truth  - Nishijima-Cross

(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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