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So says McSweeney’s: Generally, I now think I can do more for the planet as just a guy who used to be God instead of the guy who currently is God, you know what I mean by this? Life is […]

I’m self-employed. That means that I pay for the health insurance premiums for all five members of my family — it’s about 9% of my monthly gross income. But, because I’m not part of a group plan, the plans available […]

Well, if you register for Christianity21 by midnight (CDT) on Friday, you’ll be entered to win a private lunch with her.

see more Funny Graphs Before you post an angry comment, repeat this 10 times: Yes, I do have a sense of humor.

It seems that the “Church” of Scientology has jumped on the marketing language of the emerging church movement if their Google Ad Words campaign (on my blog feed!) is any indication. We have definitely jumped the shark. HT: Simon Willer […]

“It’s a clean sweep for the liberal agenda in the Episcopal Church,” said David Virtue, editor of, a conservative Web site. “The orthodox are finished.” So begins the NYTimes article on the annual cluster meeting known as the Episcopal […]

An interview with me on the issue of gays and the church just went live on the new interfaith website, Patheos. Q: In a now famous post, you came to the conclusion that GLBTQ folks can “live lives in accord […]

Probably the most anticipated element of Cornerstone that I was involved with was a panel discussion entitled, “Gay Rights or Wrongs,” which was a conversation about how the church should approach the issue of GLBT persons. (I wrote about other […]

Today and tomorrow only (July 14th and 15th): TODAY ONLY Receive a copy of Ask, Seek, Knock: Prayers to Change Your Life for only $5 (plus free shipping)! Visit and use the promo code H20E2M3X6 at checkout. Ask, Seek, […]