I’ve already blogged about this a couple times, but here’s the video artifact of the panel at the Christian Book Expo.  If you’ve got 90 minutes to spare, you can decide for yourself about whether Scot’s (and my) charges of Kevin’s uncharitableness require an apology or not.

Honestly, the strangest part for me was when one of the Harrises told me that it was inappropriate to mention that it was personal as well as theological differences that led to Mark Driscoll’s break with Emergent.  Yes, it was a bit strange to have two 18-year-olds on the panel, much less to be upbraided by one of them…

The video on Tangle. Skip ahead to the 75-minute mark to see the closing statements.

PS: At 39:08, like a mother hen, I help Scot wipe some ink from one of his beloved fountain pens off his face.  Seriously, what would he do without me? 🙂

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