So, I wrote a couple of posts over the weekend — “Why Jesus Died” and “Why Jesus Rose” — that affirmed a traditional and orthodox understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But because I don’t afford the penal substitutionary theory the status of crushing all other atonement theories, I’ve become the scourge of the Reformed blogosphere. 

But first, remind yourself that the Reformation started because Martin Luther questioned the powers-that-be, and his movement really got traction when he was excommunicated and declared a heretic by the Diet of Worms and the resultant Edict of Worms in 1521.

Here’s a sampling of the Edict’s pronouncements about Martin Luther:

To put an end to the numberless and endless errors of the said
Martin, let us say that it seems that this man, Martin, is not a man but
a demon in the appearance of a man, clothed in religious habit to be
better able to deceive mankind, and wanting to gather the heresies of
several heretics who have already been condemned, excommunicated, and
buried in hell for a long time. Let us add to this all the heresies
recently brought in by him to be the source of all iniquity and rubbish
and to destroy the Catholic faith. As an evangelical preacher he labors
to trouble and demolish all religious peace and charity and all order
and direction in the things of this world. And finally, he brings
dishonor upon all the beauty of our Holy Mother Church.

Now, before you read some of these blog snippets, hear me well: I am not comparing myself to Martin Luther. Instead, I’m trying to absorb the irony that some of those who consider themselves theological heirs of Luther, Calvin, et al, use the same language against their opponents that was used against their theological heroes.

1517 blog: Even though I have come to expect these
kinds of statements from Jones, MacLaren [sic], Pagett [sic], etc. I still am
stunned by their bold heresy.

Justin Taylor: Let me just offer one encouragement: pray.
Pray that God would open Tony’s eyes. He does not know the good news of
Christ bearing the curse and drinking the cup… Second, pray
that God would thwart this false teaching and that others would not be
drawn to this non-gospel.

The Voyages…: Well if that’s not throwing the apostle Paul under the bus, I don’t know what is.

Echoes in Eternity: If it sounds like a heretic…

Keep Thou My Feet: Tony Jones, of emergent-fame, flatly denies the Gospel.

Pyromaniacs: Be sure to add Tony Jones to your list o’ heretics.

Can you smell the irony?!?

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