Well, not exactly. Tad DeLay, a fan of things emergent, was a music pastor at an evangelical church plant. But he was fired for the direction his theology was taking.  He performed this song, indicative of his theological musings, a week before his firing. The lyrics are below, and you can hear Tad perform it on his PureVolume site.

Forgive Me

Give us the passion in our souls
To fix the world and call it home
And not give in to pious lies
Of gospels cleverly disguised
As hope when they will offer none
But disconnected salvation
That doesn’t ever fix a thing
But salves our egos as we sing
Forgive me oh lord
Please let me be the one to sit by your side tonight
Let them see such hope as this
To love when betrayed with a kiss
To offer Rescue to a world
That has no reason left to trust
The Church as we’ve perverted her
With lust for power, so quick to hurt
The ones that we are here to serve
Forgive us we were meant to love

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