I think that Rick Bennett is one of the most under-appreciated emergbloggers around.  Today he’s decided to dole out some advice to pastors.  He and his family have been looking for a church, so he knows of what he speaks.  A few of my faves:

3. Wear shirts that fit. Don’t raid Ed Young, Jr.’s wardrobe. Please. Heck, put on a freakin‘ suit if you need to. And, if you like those tight shirts, lose weight.

17. Offer some snacks and coffee, but don’t brag about it. Wow! You have
Starbucks. I will now come to your church. I mean, you just saved me
$2.00 per week. What a bargain. Conversely, if you have fair trade (and
you should!), let us know. And, don’t just offer fattening donuts. You
are a church and gluttony is a sin.

21. If you actually value the place of women in your church, give them
something to do besides greeter, nursery or back up singer. Your words
betray you.

And last… stop trying to make your church seem so cool. It is
not. It is church. Church does not equal cool. Your marketing should be
honest, not an attempt to show how cool and “with it” you are. The more
you try, the worse you look. Just tell us who you are and invite us
along for the ride. I have seen too many churches trying to be cool and
being inauthentic. If you are a suburb church, don’t act like a city
church. If you are all suburbanites, we will notice when you move your
church into the city to be edgy and then drive home to suburbia. If you
don’t like poor people, justice and art do not fake it just to make us
come to your church. You have turned important things into marketing
points and propaganda. We notice when you are faking it, probably before you do.

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