Andrew Sullivan posted a graf from Alan Jacobs in which Jacobs argues that the “architecture” of blogs makes it impossible to honestly converse about important and weighty matters, like the existence of God.  This question is particularly compelling for this blog, since we’re tackling Original Sin, same sex marriage, and the like.


Blog posts are just too short to deal with the Big Issues, and too
likely to be fired off in short order, with minimal reflection and no
pre-post feedback from wiser and cooler heads.


No one’s going to resolve these questions today any more than at any
previous point in human history. But I worry about these questions
being relegated to professional theologians or free-for-all comments
section spats. A little dorm room conversation in one’s later years is
worth doing – and blogs, if they’re edited and curated well, can help.

N.b., Andrew does not allow comments on his blog.

So, what do you think?

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