Matt Cleaver, a seminary student who visited last Sunday, has a good take.  Money quote:

I thought this would be a cool opportunity to see in real life all
that I had been reading and hearing about, and it was honestly pretty
much what I expected: quite anticlimactic and ordinary.  And I mean
that truly in the best way possible.

Obviously when I say ordinary I don’t mean mainstream
When you walk into the Great Room (think sanctuary) and see it filled
with tons of couches all arranged pointing towards a

solomons porch.jpg

couple of stools
sitting in the middle of the room you realize that the environment is
anything but typical church fare.

When I say that the Sunday Gathering is ordinary and anticlimactic I
mean that the community and leadership embrace a super-flat
ecclesiology.  Lines between staff and laity seem blurred, and there is
no such thing as a celebrity.

Photo courtesy of Nanette Sawyer’s Flickr photostream

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