Next Wave E-Zine has a ten year retrospective of the emergent church movement by Stephen Shields that is, as we would expect from Stephen, comprehensive and even-handed. Money Quote:

And so the tenth anniversary of Next-Wave
arrives at a critical moment for the emerging church conversation. 
Theological differences indeed threaten the short-term cohesion and
long-term viability of the emerging church and yet in the midst of
those differences, many claim some genuine ecclesiological and
theological advances that may yet prove to have long term significance.

followers of Jesus Christ are not ultimately reliant on their own
brilliance, devices, and stratagems to co-labor with God in His
Kingdom.  Submitted hearts can call on God for His wisdom and guidance
and trust that the Spirit will lead.
  Human institutions,
movements, and conversations come and go.  But surely sometimes God
chooses the canvas of human efforts to paint beautiful portraits.
of course, the criterion by which the long-term success of the emerging
church conversation will be judged will be the degree to which it has
precipitated a greater love of God and others. 

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