Noah, a self-described conservative, makes a calm and helpful comment under Same Sex Marriage Blogalogue: Press Pause,

To be really honest, the comment section makes me sad. It is sad to me
that people become so ugly when discussions arise over A vs B. I lean
more conservatively on the issue but it doesn’t mean that I advocate

for hate crimes. I am somewhat in quandary why a conservative on this
issue is given the same status as those who are grossly ignorant. If we
are going to be civil with our tongue perhaps we need to learn to be
more generous with each other and recognize that these are not just
issues but people. I hurt for the GLBT community and I hurt for the
church. It really makes me sad over the amount of hell both parties get
because civility is lost for being right. To be really honest though,
it makes sense why there would be such animosity from the GLBT
community to the church in the same way that it makes sense for an
African American preacher to be making statements about the white devil
from the pulpit. It doesn’t make it right, but it does make sense.
Perhaps what the church needs to do is to apologize first and become
accepting and loving and allow God to sort it out. Shouldn’t the church
be the very place that welcomes GLBT instead of ostracizing them? I
hurt and this will probably be the last time I comment on this blog
post. Tony, much love to ya for tackling all this and keeping your head
about you.
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