So many great comments under Original Sin: A Depraved Idea, so I’ll just highlight Virgil’s.  Do yourself a favor and go read the others.

There is very little that is “traditional” about the doctrine of
original sin, until we get to Augustine and his revivalist Calvin to
promote the doctrine. Again, numbers do not necessarily bring validity
and objectivity to an issue, in fact the opposite is probably true.

What if instead we consider the covenantal aspect of creation, and
look at the imagery presented in the narrative? Order is created out of
chaos, life out of death, purpose out of purposeless existence. The
story is presenting Eden as the place where “God is” and the outside as
the mythical place of chaos, danger, thorns and “no God.”

In this mythical covenantal context one would be hard pressed to
show that something went physically wrong with the bodies of Adam and
Eve when they sinned; can we justify this biblically?

Could the story of the fall be illustrative of life without God,
which brings thorns, distress and pain to one’s life. The idea that the
first (original) sin brought about physical pain, and thorns is simply
unreasonable. Are we to understand that pre-sin Adam could have jumped
off a cliff and not go splash when he hit the ground; or not even feel

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