Preson takes issue with my post, Announcing Queermergent, as did many others.  What’s interesting is that I merely pointed out this new group, with no editorial comment.  Yet my even publicizing it raises the ire of many. I guess that simply acknowledging the existence of gay Christians is a bridge-too-far for some. 

Alright, I’m done.
Many of us have been involved in this conversation for a very long
time. We defended it with the hope that it would truly become something
that would represent a true organic holistic Christianity.
I just can’t walk with you beyond this step.

The emerging church movement saved my faith, and gave me a reason to
be excited about my faith again. After reading “Generous Orthodoxy”, I
realized how huge the kingdom of God truly is. I gave up my tired way
of legalistic Christian faith, and embraced a LIVING faith. And I now
pastor of an urban church where the gospel is preached in word AND in
deed. A faith that doesn’t strain out gnats while swallowing camels.
Many lives are being changed, and people are coming to Jesus and being
freed from addictions and lives destroyed by sin… and I owe (some of)
it to the emerging church conversation.

I understand sensitivity in approaching people, and I understand the
fact that people need to come to Jesus and not morality. I believe that
Jesus can deliver people from anything, and that the spirit will teach
to live right. I understand not taking sides on “sin management”, but
rather than standing around and naming sin, we should proclaim Christ
crucified out of a love for His people, and wanting them to be forgiven
and to connect with Him. I even voted against an amendment to stop gay
marriage because I don’t think that forcing people to live moral lives
brings them closer to Jesus in any way shape or form.

But now you’ve let the pendelum swing in the completely opposite
direction. Instead of telling people to look to Jesus for their moral
compass, you have taken it from “condemning” to “encouraging” a
lifestyle that is clearly not what God has for us regarding holy and
good relationships. You are promoting a lifestyle that will not fulfill
the purpose of a healthy sexual relationship, and it will leave people
feeling empty and unfulfilled.
You are leading people away from living at peace with God.

I understand that some people are born with certain things that they
will always struggle with… but we are not taught to give in. I
understand that some people are born with both male and female
physicality’s, and that these things should be approached with prayer
and mercy and grace… but this is not that case.

This is not where most of us are… and you will most definately alienate us.

(btw…What happened to your “5 year moratorium”?)

Many of us would like to continue this conversation. Please sir,
bring it back to the center, where we can all have a part in it.

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