Come Let Us Reason Together” is the governing document of a group attempting to bridge the chasm between evangelicals and political progressives.  I signed on, not because the document is a comprehensive statement of all ways that these two groups can work together, but because it is a step in the right direction.  Well, a bunch of lefties got all ornery about the document, and now Robby Jones has taken to Religion Dispatches to defend himself and the statement.  It’s worth the read, I think. Money Quote:

One unintended consequence of the project has been to highlight the
existence of two streams in the left-of-center faith world. While these
groups are not mutually exclusive, they flow from different
sensibilities about public engagement and embody a significantly
different spirit. On the one hand, some of the most vociferous critics
of “Come Let Us Reason Together” have been from a loose confederation
of contributors to the recent book Dispatches from the Religious Left,
who generally portray a more ideological and confrontational public
presence. On the other hand, the research for my own book, Progressive & Religious–based
on interviews with nearly 100 religious leaders–identified a broader
group of religious progressives who were largely uncomfortable with the
“religious left” label and who are intentionally working to move beyond
old ideological divides and build new coalitions.

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