Gideons Bible.jpg

The first time I saw the little green version of the Gideon’s Bible was in college.  (Not a Bible really.  More like 1/3 of a Bible.  It’s got the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.)  I was driving my car along the what’s called the “Green” in Hanover, New Hampshire, when some zealot threw one in my car through the open window.  Being a Christian, I simply added that Bible to my burgeoning collection of Bibles and mused on the oddness of the spiritual discipline of Bible-throwing on target.

Well, my favorite magician, who also happens to be an outspoken atheist, Penn Gillette, was recently given the very same version of the 1/3 Bible.  But he didn’t have it thrown at him.  I’ll let him explain:

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