I’m going to start a new feature here at The New Christians.  Every day — well, almost every day — I’ll post what I consider to be a thoughtful comment that truly adds to the conversation, or a witty comment, or something that strikes my fancy.

Today’s comment o’ the day comes from Jimil:

For our constitutional scholar, there is no right of sodomy, nor is
there a right to sit at a lunch counter, nor is there a right of self
defense. In the United States we have a living constitution that
affirms fundamental liberties. Most recently, Justice Scalia found a
new right of self defense in the Second Amendment and thus protected
the rights of individuals to own handguns for self defense. Similarly,
rights of privacy have been found. It is good that our Supreme Court
protects us from government intrusion in private matters.

For our Bible says so crowd, I suspect you know your argument is
completely flawed. I suspect you know dozens of behaviors condoned by
the Bible that you do not accept (slavery & polygamy) and
restriction you reject (women speaking in church & wearing clothing
of mixed threads). I’m not sure why you would bother posting something
so dishonest. You did not open the Bible and discover a revelation that
homosexuality was wrong.

This, is a serious point, “The person who hates homosexuals will say
‘go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with it’. But true love warns of
dangers.” I believe in my heart that those who suggest the love of gays
& lesbians is equivalent to smoking are harming gays and lesbians.
I think it is evil and missing the lesson of Jesus Christ that it is
Love and not Tradition that acts as our guide. That said, I recognize
the concern, and I take you at your word.

The world is evolving out of this prejudice. Soon, we will look back
at this as we know looked back on prohibitions against interracial
marriage. Then, as now, people called the relationships unnatural and
worried about the children. Then, as know, there were many hateful
bigots attacking people with wickedness in their hearts. But, then, as
now, there were people genuinely concerned and worried for the fellow
humans. I disagree strongly, but I respect the position.

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