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Several commenters have questioned my inclusion of the “B” in GLBTQ, suggesting that bisexual persons don’t fit under the monogamy that I endorse.  But PSUdain clarifies on my behalf: There seems to be a running confusion here about the nature […]

As those of us who are Western Christians begin Advent, I want to encourage you and your church to consider joining the Advent Conspiracy: [UPDATE: Leadership Network has a nice history of the Advent Conspiracy. HT: Emergent Village.]

I have become a huge fan of Pandora, and, I must say, I believe it has changed my music-listening habits for good.  For those of you who don’t know, Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project — basically, it’s […]

I won’t be blogging about same sex marriage this weekend, and I don’t know if Rod will nor not.  But, in the meantime, I thought I’d point you to a couple other spots where I’ve found some good thoughts: Eugene […]

Having written yesterday’s essay on my childhood Thanksgivings in Gaylord, my spirit was tugged to drive out to the little town on the plains before all of the holiday festivities got underway.  So I climbed in my vehicle and drove […]

For years, it was always the same.  Around 8:45 in the morning, we’d pile in the station wagon and head over to church, greeted there by a couple high school students dressed as pilgrims and playing snare drums.  Inside, our […]

Rev Dave writes, “Keep rocking the quadrilateral” Ha! +1 tripp! As a transplanted Methodist, I had a similar thought (and we were just this week teaching the quad to our Confirmation class). Though I wasn’t brought up in that tradition, […]

There’s a new hashtag in the Twitterverse that’s attracting a lot of attention.  It’s called “Twitter of Faith,” the hashtag is #TOF, and the idea is that Tweeters would write out what they believe in 140 characters or less. If […]

I’m adding another one today since I found what BudCath had to say interesting: Thanks for your comments. I would love for America to be guided by golden rule, but it is not and never has been. Indians, slavery, jim […]