A few months ago, Ken Myers, of the Mars Hill Audio Journal (if you don’t know about this, I highly recommend checking it out), interviewed a historian. Of course, I can no longer remember the historian’s name, or the name of the Enlightenment thinker about which he spoke. Sorry. What I do remember, and what has been percolating in my brain for a few months now, is that this Enlightenment thinker had a Trinitarian understanding of God’s humility.

It’s fairly common to talk about Jesus’ humility. But this man talked about the Triune humility of God. He said that God the Father demonstrated humility in the act of creation, and that God the Spirit demonstrated humility in allowing Scripture to be written by human hands. In other words, God’s humility has something to do with God becoming bound to humanity. And therefore, God’s humility has something to do with God’s love.
I often wonder why it is taking so long for the kingdom that Jesus announced to come. But I think the patience of God is related to the humility and love of God. God has, humbly, decided to bring about transformation on this earth through human beings. By the power and grace of the Spirit, yes, but (generally) the Spirit at work through ordinary men and women, like you and me. We often resist. We often say no. But God presses on. God limits himself, binds himself, to us.
So may we humbly present ourselves to God this day, and may we participate in the ongoing work of the Spirit–humble, loving, patient, and powerful–in our world.
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