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Matthew 6:9-13 “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one” Some things to think about: The world is can be a scary and dangerous place.  The Bible is clear about this: there are beings about intent …Read More

In Nine Ways God Always Speaks, the book I [Mark] co-wrote with Jennifer Schuchmann, we relay a fascinating story from writer, Cecil Murphey. My brother was maybe five feet two and weighed around one hundred pounds. He was a career …Read More

Here’s the introductory paragraphs to Nine Ways God Always Speaks, my [Mark’s] second book, co-written with Jennifer Schuchmann. Yes, we talk to God in prayer. Does God talk back? Some things are too good to be true: living to be …Read More

Prayer is just half of the equation. A relationship with God, a “friendship” as I’ve been defining it, requires communication. And communication must be two-sided. We talk with God in prayer. God hears. We believe that, or at least hope. …Read More

David is God’s friend. God is David’s friend. This intimate Psalm written three thousand of years ago outlines for us what we can expect from God in this relationship. Prayer is based on the certain facts we know about God. …Read More

Matthew 6:9-13 “Give us this day our daily bread” Some things to think about: Fresh bread.  Boy there’s nothing better than bread right out of the oven.  Here Jesus is inviting us to bring our specific, pressing needs before God …Read More

David’s friendship with God was based on what he knew about God from God’s past actions. David can lay everything on the line because he knows God’s character is dependable. I remember the days of old.
       I ponder all your …Read More

David is banking on his friendship with God for everything. Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning,
       for I am trusting you.
    Show me where to walk,
       for I give myself to you.
  9 Rescue me from my …Read More

Prayer is based on an assumption; prayer assumptions are steps of faith. We believe God hears and is able and willing to respond to what we say. Prayer in its purest form assumes a relationship, and in its best form, …Read More

Here’s another simple and simply beautiful prayer from St. Augustine. In his role as Bishop (pastor) for the church in Hippo, North Africa, Augustine became a great defender of right doctrine and right practice of true faith. But all of …Read More