Messes are bothersome. Especially when they are someone else’s messes that spill over. Literal messes are one thing, but what of other people’s emotional muck that transforms our own lives in negative ways?

I get angry when this stuff happens. But Jesus’ words to me quiet and calm my heart. He assures me to rejoice in trials. Crazy as it seems, these trying, exhausting and even traumatic times can serve to propel my destiny in Him. This is the soil that grows humility and grace.

I can breathe and rest in Him. I can take it moment by moment. The web of the tangle might be vast, but He is vastly greater. And He can untangle it with one breath from His nostrils, smashing it to pieces.

What can we do while we’re waiting for release, order and healing to be restored?

Pray. Cry out for help. He wants to hear your voice. It is lovely to Him.

Rejoice. He wants to see your face near and around His throne frequently. Every time you sing or speak a word of thanks, you are transported into His presence.

Thanks is the portal to His glory.

1 Peter 1:6
 “In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials…”


My heart is overwhelmed with troubles and strife – such messes created by other people’s baggage and sin. And I am angry. Speak to me, please, quiet and calm my heart. I extend forgiveness now to all who have trespassed over the boundaries of my heart and life. I receive your grace and forgiveness. I choose to rejoice today, to turn from the mess, lift my hands and declare that You are working! That You are still good in the midst of the evil around me. That You love me more than I can imagine. Give me the power to experience Your love today.


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