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Matthew 6:9-13

“Give us this day our daily bread”

Some things to think about:
Fresh bread.  Boy there’s nothing better than bread right out of the oven.  Here Jesus is inviting us to bring our specific, pressing needs before God and to ask for sustaining provision.  The image of course comes out of the Old Testament.  While Israel was wandering in the desert God gave them “daily bread” in the manna that fell each morning.  They always had just enough for their real need.  Here Jesus is promising the same.  God cares about our real-life needs, and has promised to meet them.  He also invites us to ask.  “Ask and you will receive” Jesus promises.  It’s an audacious promise.  Faith, it seems is audaciously responding to God’s own audacious initiative!

Some things to do:
Go taste some fresh bread this week.  Seriously.  As a treat you might even want to go to a bakery today and get a scone right out of the oven.  Enjoy!  Now make a list of the things you really need.  This isn’t anything new to God. He knows your needs.  But list them and then tell him anyway.
List the things you need in your physical life: real practical things like funds to pay for a child in college or strength to keep up with your grandkids.  Ask.
List the things you need for your soul: practical things like peace of mind and hope that you can handle all your responsibilities.  Ask.
List the things you need for your eternal life: a deeper ability to listen to God’s voice and understand the Bible for instance.  Ask.


Some things to talk about:
Is it easy for you to ask God for specific needs?  Why or why not?  Jesus says that when we ask Father for bread he will not give us a stone.  What “bread” have you been given by God?  Have you asked God for something good and been disappointed?  Has a disappointment with God in the past, or in another person’s life hindered you from asking for something again?

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